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Tree problems

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We have around 28,000 trees in public spaces, gardens and parks that are looked after by us. Our team maintains the trees in line with our tree and woodland strategy (PDF, 1.81MB).

What we do

We will investigate when the tree is:

  • blocking access
  • dead, dying or dangerous
  • damaging property or surfaces due to root growth
  • covering road, street signs and street lights

What we don't do

We will not cut back or fell council owned trees when:

  • it is causing tv interference
  • it is blocking light
  • there are birds roosting
  • there are problems with leaves and sap

Telephone lines

If you are having a problem with trees near telephone lines, we suggest you contact BT or your service provider.

Private property

Trees can go over boundary lines into private properties. You do not need to get permission from us before carrying out any upkeep, as long as it is limited to the pruning of side branches back to the boundary line.

You will need to check whether your property is within a conservation area or whether the tree is protected by Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

Trees growing on to public land

We do not plant trees on or near property boundaries, any trees or hedges that are on a boundary have been planted by the current or a previous owner.

If there is a tree on private property overhanging a public road or footpath, it is the landowners responsibility to maintain it.

If there is an area where this hasn't happened, please contact the landowner and ask them to take action. If they do not do this within a reasonable timescale then you can report it to us. If the landowner does not take action, we have the authority to cut back and charge. This can take six months to action.

Report it

How long does it take?

  • Immediate (within one hour) - trees blocking access or in imminent danger of causing harm/damage to persons or property.
  • Urgent (within 24 hours or the next working day) - trees partially blocking access or considered a potential risk to persons or property.
  • High priority (10 working days) -trees that are not urgent but have been identified as a potential safety concern.
  • Medium priority (within three months) - trees that are low risk. Work is required and will be programmed as part of our maintenance schedule.

I've already reported an issue

You can check the progress of the report using our status checker. You can also use this to provide an update.