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Chester e-scooter rental trial

In partnership with e-scooter provider Ginger, we have launched a 12-month trial in Chester.

The trial is part of a Department for Transport (DfT) initiative that was approved by the Government earlier this year.

As part of an effort to ease the pressure on local public transport services during the COVID-19 pandemic, the DfT wants to explore how e-scooters can complement existing transport options, especially for short journeys.

Hire cost

The pay-as-you-go scooters are hired via the Ginger Shared Transport App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It's £2 per 20 mins to ride and 50p per 10 mins to pause. For every additional 10 minutes of ride time, users will be charged £1. For every additional 10 minutes of pause time, users will be charged 50p.

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Rental and maintenance

E-scooters are currently only available for rental between 8am and 10pm, seven days a week. Some bank holidays or special event exclusions may apply, and will be advertised in advance via Ginger's app.

After this time, a local Ginger employee will carry out servicing, maintenance and repairs on the fleet, by swapping-out and recharging batteries, redistributing the fleet across the city while conducting a deep cleansing of each e-scooter.

E-scooters have a weight limit of 100KG, which is equivalent to 15 stone, 10.5lb.

Find out more about how to hire an e-scooter, the no-go zones and restrictions, and how to stay safe:

Ginger: How to ride | Ginger: Safety

Reporting the misuse of a rental e-scooter

If you see a rental e-scooter being ridden inappropriately or dangerously in Chester, please contact Ginger’s operations team, so they can take quick action. Please provide the; time, location and type of misuse observed and email: All reports are followed-up with the user and appropriate action taken.

E-scooter parking bays

  • Bache, Mill Lane shops
  • Bears Paw, Newton
  • Blacon Avenue, Police HQ
  • Blacon Avenue, Shelley Road
  • Blacon, The Parade shops
  • Brook Lane
  • Bumper's Lane, Chester Waste Recycling Centre
  • Cedar Drive, Hoole
  • Cheshire College South and West, Handbridge
  • Chester Bus Interchange
  • Chester Railway Station
  • Chester Town Hall
  • City Walls Road, St Martins Way
  • Countess of Chester Hospital
  • Eversley Park, Liverpool Road
  • Foregate Street, opposite of Love Street
  • Garden Lane, Bouverie Street
  • Handbridge, Co-op
  • Hoole Way, Black Diamond Street
  • Hoole Way, Flookersbrook Park
  • Hoole, Bishop Street car park
  • Hough Green, Sekkirk Drive
  • Huntington, Chester Road, opposite shops
  • Kingsway shops
  • Kingsway, University of Chester Campus
  • Lache, Cliveden Road shops
  • Meadows Lane, Devonshire Place
  • New Crane Street, Kitchen St
  • Newhall Road, Handford Road
  • Northgate Arena
  • Nicholas Street, HQ Offices
  • Parkgate Road, University of Chester Campus
  • Queens Road shops
  • Saltney, Chester Street
  • Sealand Park and Ride
  • Sealand Road at Stadium Way
  • Souter's Lane, Roman Amphitheatre
  • Sumner House, Delamere Street
  • The Groves, near Queens Park bridge
  • Tower Road, New Crane St
  • University of Chester Campus Riverside, Castle Dr
  • Vicars Cross shops
  • Waitrose, Boughton
  • Walmoor Park, Sandy Lane
  • Western Avenue shops
  • Westminster Park Co-op
  • Weston Grove shops
  • White Friars

An interactive dockless parking bay map for rental e-scooters in Chester is available on Ginger's website.

Your questions answered

Chester's commercial electric scooter rental trial is being provided by Ginger Teleporter Limited trading as Ginger.

As the rental trial will be operated by a third-party commercial operator, all financial risks and costs associated with the day to day running of the scheme are born by Ginger.

The Council working collaboratively with Ginger will ensure the scheme is delivered in a safe and proportionate manner.

A phased and scalable rollout will be implemented during the 12 month trial period, with an initial fleet size of 40 e-scooters available at launch of the trial. Increasing to 120 e-scooters during Spring 2021, ensuring e-scooters are deployed in a controlled and safe manner, while supporting the easing of travel restrictions.

The initial launch represented less than 10 per cent of the potential fleet size that could be deployed during the 12 month trial. The sustainability of the approach and numbers introduced will be determined by market factors i.e. take up and usage, with any fleet size increases subject to operational monitoring and reporting data being reviewed, and to be approved by us.

We know there are many different journey types among residents, businesses and visitors that these new vehicles will be able to serve over time, and we are looking forward to working with local stakeholders to demonstrate the benefits as the scheme continues to be rolled-out and evolves.

No new e-scooter rides are permitted after 10pm. After this time and at regular intervals during the day, Ginger’s local Fleet Management team carry out servicing, maintenance, and repairs on the fleet, by swapping-out and recharging batteries, redistributing the fleet across the city while conducting a deep cleansing of each e-scooter.

In supporting the successful expansion, Ginger working in partnership with local business Dandy’s Nationwide Landscape Supplies Ltd, now provide secure storage and the latest solar panels and Tesla battery charging facilities to power and recharge Gingers e-scooter fleet. This means that every scoot across the City of Chester on a Ginger rental e-scooter is now 100% powered by the sun.

No. Privately owned e-scooters will remain illegal to use on public roads and pavements, with riders at risk of a £300 fixed penalty notice and six points on their driving licence if stopped by police.

Engagement has already commenced with the Cheshire Constabulary to ensure that measures are in place to avoid misuse. A requirement of the e-scooter supplier will be to ensure their scooters are bright and clearly identifiable. This will make it clear to identify which e-scooter is part of the trial and which is a private e-scooter.

Rental e-scooters are allowed to use the same road space as cycles. This means e-scooters are allowed on the road (except motorways) and in cycle lanes and tracks, where permitted. Though please stay away from roads with speed limits above 40mph, and even better to stick to 20mph and 30mph roads.

You can get points on your licence for the misuse of an e-scooter, including enabling an underaged driver.

Drink driving rules apply to e-scooters; do not drink and ride.

All of Gingers e-scooters remain operational during this new lockdown.

One of the reasons e-scooters were launched in the UK in the summer, was to help people get around in a safe, COVID secure manner.

So please use our e-scooters for your essential journeys only.

The fleet of e-scooters are regularly cleaned with disinfectant, focusing on the upper mast, handlebars and other contact areas.

Please sanitise your hands before and after a ride. Please think of the person using the scooter after you.

Rides are asked to maintain two metres (six feet) from everyone else while riding. While being encouraged to wear gloves just as they would when using any public transport.

Engagement with disability groups through the Council's Corporate Disability Access Forum is integral to the planning and evolvement of the e-scooter scheme in Chester. User training, e-scooter design, designated routes and restricted speed limits will help to ensure that where e-scooters and pedestrians may share paths there is minimal risk. E-scooters will not be permitted on pedestrian only pavements.

The e-scooters are tracked and remotely monitored as they contain GPS technology. Users adhere to Gingers usage policy, to avoid misuse and damage. While Ginger will work with Cheshire Constabulary in retrieving any stolen or misused e-scooters.

All questions should be submitted by email:

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