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Service level agreements

We aim to inspect all reported issues within 10 working days and provide customer feedback. In line with our inspection regime and repairs procedure, all issues will be investigated and any identified repairs will be prioritised based on the level of risk to ensure that the Highway is kept in a safe condition.

Response times


Defects which pose an immediate and critical hazard will be made safe within two hours.

Category 1

Defects which pose an immediate risk and require prompt attention will be made safe or repaired within 24 hours.

Category 2

Defects which are deemed not to represent an immediate hazard and can be repaired within longer timescales. The timing of the repairs will be determined on risk and have been divided into three priority categories.

  • high priority - make safe or repair within five working days
  • medium priority – repair within 28 working days
  • low priority – defect recorded and will be re-assessed on next routine safety inspection

Programmed works

Defects that have been identified as requiring repair but do not pose a safety related concern will be included in our programmed work. This will be completed along with other related work to ensure efficiency and provide value for money.

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