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Ellesmere Port residents parking scheme

Please note: all residents’ permits due to expire at the end of March, April and May 2020 have now been extended to expire on 30 June 2020.

Permits are required Monday to Saturday 8am to 6.30pm in the Fields and Vale areas and at all times in the Central area.

Will I qualify?

To qualify for a permit you must:

  • permanently reside at an eligible address within the relevant parking zone
  • own or have the regular use of a vehicle

All permits for Ellesmere Port are free of charge and are available for cars, car-sized vans, motorcycles and goods vehicles having a weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes or 1525 kilograms unladen. 

How do I apply?

Please email your name, address and contact details to Disabled badge holders are permitted to park in residents' parking areas without the need to purchase a parking permit.

How do I renew my permit?

We will write to you 28 days before your permit is due to expire to let you know, and invite you to renew.

Visitor permits

All homes can apply for up to three permits and 50 scratch card visitors permits. These can be used on any vehicle visiting you and can be used by friends and family, people carrying out work on properties. Additional permits will also be provided to doctors, district nurses, professional carers, social services and church ministers. 



  • Arthur Avenue - Properties evens to number 34, odd to 19
  • Central Avenue
  • Cambridge Road - Properties 9 – 143, 2 – 40 and 3 – 7 (Flats and Business), 130 – 144, 1 - 25 Cambridge Court.
  • Exeter Road
  • Green Lane
  • Grange Road
  • Holly Road
  • Kingsley Road
  • Mornington Avenue
  • Newton Road
  • Norfolk Road - All non-residential
  • Park Road
  • Shrewsbury Road - All non-residential
  • Stanlaw Road
  • Stoke Walk
  • Stoke Gardens
  • Tarvin Close
  • Waterloo Close
  • Wellesley Avenue
  • Wellesley Walk
  • Wellington Close
  • Wellington Road - Odd numbers, 1- 45 (1-7 is Wellington Court) 77 - 83
  • Wellington Road North - Even numbers, 2-24
  • Ashfield Road
  • Ashfield Road North
  • Beechfield Road
  • Briarfield Road
  • Compton Place
  • Dudley Road
  • Enfield Road
  • Heathfield Road
  • Highfield Road
  • Highfield Road North
  • Hollyfield Road
  • Oldfield Road
  • Penn Gardens
  • Priestfield Road
  • Princes Road -Numbers (evens) 6-166 and (odds) 3-111
  • School Road - Non-residential properties
  • Stafford Gardens
  • Unnamed road rear of odd numbered properties of Woodfield Road alley
  • Victoria Road
  • Victoria Mews
  • Woodfield Road
  • Woodfield Road North
  • Dawn Gardens
  • Old Hall Drive
  • Poplar Close
  • St Thomas View
  • The Riddings
  • Vale Gardens
  • Vale Road


When you change your vehicle or have a temporary vehicle you must notify the parking office as soon as possible. In order to cancel your permit please return it to us and a refund will be given for any full months remaining.

Lost permits

Lost or damaged permits will be replaced at a cost of £10 per permit. 

Business permits

To qualify for a business permit you must be a business that is based in one of the zones and can provide proof of ownership or lease. Businesses in the zones can apply for a maximum of five non-vehicle specific permits.

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