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Frodsham and Helsby residents parking scheme

Parking permits are valid for one year from the first day of the month in which the application is accepted. For example if your application is accepted on 12 June, the permit will be valid from the 1 June and expire on 31 May the following year. If a vehicle is found to be parked in a Designated Zone for more than the relevant waiting period without a current permit on display a parking fine will be issued.

Where to find help

If you are a Frodsham or Helsby resident, please email your name, address and contact details to be added onto our waiting list. When places become available we will be in touch.

Please note: when you change your vehicle or have a temporary vehicle you must notify the parking office as soon as possible.

Residents' permit

To qualify for a permit you must:

  • permanently reside at an eligible address within the relevant parking zone (a full list of eligible addresses is available by contacting
  • own or have the regular use of a vehicle.

The cost of a residents' permit is currently £60 for a first and second priority and £90 for a third priority permit.

Permits are issued on a priority basis as follows:

  • First priority: application for a permit from a household within the zone that currently has no permit 
  • Second priority: application for a second permit from a household within the zone and a household within the zone with off-street parking (provided that the council is satisfied that any off-street parking is inadequate for the household’s needs)
  • Third priority: application for a permit from a household outside of the zone with or without off-street parking (provided that the council is satisfied that any off-street parking is inadequate for the household’s needs)

Priority two and priority three applications will only be considered if there are available spaces; it should also be noted that there is no automatic entitlement to a permit or to permit renewal. They will be considered at the Council’s discretion and permits will only be issued once an application has been accepted and availability within the existing scheme has been assessed (this may take up to six weeks from your application).


In order to cancel your permit please return it to us and a refund will be given for any full months remaining.

Lost permits

Lost or damaged permits will be replaced at a cost of £10 per permit.

Disabled badge holders

Disabled badge holders are permitted to park in resident's parking areas without the need to purchase a parking permit.

Residents' Parking Scheme Zones

Zone N (Frodsham)

  • Main Street – Odd 41 to 123b, Even 42 to 96b (inc. 2 High St and 2-4 Fountain Lane)
  • Number of spaces: 126
  • Availability: available

Zone O (Helsby)

  • Chester Road – Odd 221A to 237, Even 156 to 184
  • Number of spaces: 14
  • Availability: available

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