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Trade Waste and Recycling Disposal Centre

Site closure

The trade waste recycling centre will be closed from 1 April 2022. It is with regret that this site needs to close due to the fact that the current usage isn't high enough to justify the resources to keep the site running.

The site is adjacent to the household waste recycling centre.

Core opening hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm
Saturday - 8am - 12pm

Closed: Sundays, Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day. On other bank holidays we are open as normal

Please note: Sites may sometimes close earlier than advertised for safety reasons if it is dark or in bad weather

Prices by weight (tonne)

0.00 to 0.15

  • Mixed trade - £40
  • Garden - £25
  • Plasterboard - £36
  • Hardcore and rubble - £10

0.16 to 0.25

  • Mixed trade - £54
  • Garden - £30
  • Plasterboard - £48
  • Hardcore and rubble - £17

0.26 to 0.50

  • Mixed trade - £90
  • Garden - £42
  • Plasterboard - £78
  • Hardcore and rubble - £30

0.51 to 0.75

  • Mixed trade - £126
  • Garden - £55
  • Plasterboard - £108
  • Hardcore and rubble - £42

0.76 to 1.0

  • Mixed trade - £160
  • Garden - £66
  • Plasterboard - £138
  • Hardcore and rubble - £55

Further costs

  • All loads weighing over 1 tonne will be charged at actual weight multiplied by £160 inclusive of VAT e.g. 1.15 tonnes x £160 will cost £184.
  • Prices are based on material and operating cost.
  • The recyclables’ price is only available for loads that have been pre-sorted into different material streams available on site.
  • Mixed loads will be charged the mixed trade waste price as shown above.
  • The price determined by site staff is final and non-negotiable.

Other items that can be accepted at the site

  • Domestic fridge and freezer- £16 each
  • Small commercial fridge - £45 each
  • Medium commercial fridge - £70 each
  • Large commercial fridge - £144 each
  • Car, van and pick-up tyres - £5 each – No large tyres will be accepted.
  • TVs and monitors - £16 each
  • Clean card - £10 per load
  • Clean paper (including shredded) - £10 per load

Site information

  • Vehicles above 7.5 tonnes gross weight and trailers over 3.5m in length are not permitted to use the site
  • Traders wishing to use the site must hold a valid waste carriers licence. Traders will be asked to produce their licence or licence number at all times
  • Vehicles will be weighed on a weighbridge, a site representative will check the materials and confirm the material category that will be charged
  • Vehicles will be weighed again once the waste has been unloaded and a charge will be made by the relevant pricing band
  • When waste has been disposed of and payment has been completed, traders will be given a waste transfer note which proves they have taken their waste to an authorised site and provides a record of what they have deposited
  • Traders must keep their waste transfer note for a minimum of two years in case they are asked to provide it by the Environment Agency or their local council.
  • The site is monitored using closed circuit television (CCTV). Failure to pay may result in prosecution
  • Payment can be made by cash or card
  • Failure to pay may result in prosecution

Download a copy of the site information (PDF, 592KB)


Bumpers Lane, Off Sealand Road, Chester, CH1 6QE