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Paper and cardboard

With the increase in online shopping, cardboard is more prominent than ever in the waste stream and the trend for recycling paper is decreasing due to lower paper consumption from using online media and email.

Cardboard packaging such as Pringles tubes, Tetra packs and cartons is increasing by five percent each year as it replaces other packaging materials. Non-recyclable paper is also increasing; driven by increases in packaging.

How can you reduce waste

Working at home

  • if you have a printer think twice before you print
  • if you do need to print make sure you proof read your document to check it is correct
  • use platforms such as Google documents and Microsoft Teams to share documents with colleagues
  • use emails, you can even save your emails in an online folder
  • opt out of industry journals and reports or order just one for your team or ask for an online version
  • don’t print business cards


  • use cloth napkins
  • use old, clean rags instead of paper towels
  • having a party? use crockery, glass and cups instead of the paper versions
  • carry a handkerchief around with you instead of tissues
  • record shopping and to do lists on a blackboard or on your phone
  • take reusable containers to the supermarket instead of buying boxed goods, many supermarkets encourage this and are happy to help
  • use reusable containers at home to store your food
  • ask your utilities supplier for paperless bills
  • when shopping opt for online receipts
  • put a stop to junk mail - you can find more information on the Mail preference service website

Recycling at the kerbside

It is easy to recycle at the kerbside. All you need to do is put your paper and card into the green box. Remember to fold and flatten your cardboard so that you can fit more into the box.

More information about what paper and cardboard can be recycled at the kerbside can be found on our waste and recycling page.

Recycling process

If you want to know what happens to your recycling once your green box is emptied, you can watch a video about them on our YouTube channel.

More information about recycling paper and cardboard can be found on our interesting recycling facts page.