Your bin collection


This year we will be changing our recycling and waste service, our new service will be:

  • Clean: more secure recycling bins will reduce the risk of littering both before and during collections.
  • Easy: no more carrying heavy, leaky boxes. Recycling will be even easier - there will be a blue lidded bin for paper and card and a red lidded bin for the rest of your recycling.
  • Green: more space to recycle using bins that can be collected in fewer, more energy efficient vehicles, reducing the climate impact of the service.

The roll out of the new service will see on average 12,000 households per month receive their new bins alongside an information pack which will contain instructions on what needs to be placed in each one.

The bins will be delivered to your property a week before the new service is due to start. You can check your delivery date by following the link below. If you have received your bins but no information pack, request one using this link.

Check your delivery date

Recycling collections will be changing from weekly to fortnightly and your collection point will stay the same. Please continue to make sure your bins are put out before 7am on the day of collection.

For more information watch our animation about the new service.