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Our aim, our principles, and our approach

Our aim

The aim of the framework is to improve the health of people in Cheshire West and Chester, by increasing the number of those who are eating well and being more active. The framework strengthens the existing view that to achieve a change in people's behaviour we need a whole-system approach to integrating and embedding healthy eating and physical activity into everyday life. A whole systems approach links together many of the factors that influence healthy weight, and requires co-ordinated action across multiple sectors.

Collaboration and partnership is therefore at the heart of the framework, which seeks to achieve a cultural shift towards a healthy, active and thriving borough. This collaborative, partnership approach will support people to lead more healthy and active lifestyles in an environment which promotes this as the norm.

Our principles

  • Outcomes-focused
  • Emphasis on local action
  • Innovation
  • Advocate for change

Our approach

Reducing inequalities

Cheshire West and Chester is often viewed as affluent and prosperous, but there are parts of our borough that are not. Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of all our residents, but with extra efforts focused where they are needed most.


We know that prevention, early detection and early intervention leads to much better health and wellbeing results and the issue of healthy weight is no exception. Prevention and early intervention can happen at any time during a person's life and this principle is reflected across the framework.

Partnership working

Eating well and being more active is not the responsibility of one organisation alone. It is therefore important that the framework is developed and implemented by a partnership consisting of a wide variety of individuals and organisations, including the public, private, voluntary and community sectors. Many of our challenges are shared and require shared solutions. The framework draws upon the experience and expertise of a broad range of stakeholders to deliver a robust and committed approach to eating well and being more active. It promotes a comprehensive method of partnership working to reduce levels of excess weight across the borough.

Evidence base

Decisions about services and programmes should be based upon the best available information, and our strategy is based on our knowledge and evidence of local need. In our work to improve rates of healthy weight in the borough we will focus our efforts on specific groups and geographical areas where the need is greatest. This will allow us to make best use of resources, providing people with the best possible support and where needed, services.

Personal responsibility and empowerment

The framework emphasises the importance of prevention and health promotion, empowering individuals, families and communities to take responsibility for making their own healthy choices.

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