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Health Improvement Strategy

We are proud to present Cheshire West and Chester's first Health Improvement Strategy on behalf of the Health and Wellbeing Board. This document sets out how, over the next four years, we will support all of our residents to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, with a particular focus on:

Many cases of life-changing illness such as cancer, respiratory and heart disease, stroke and mental illness strongly link to these issues and represent key drivers of health inequality across and beyond the borough. Often individuals may face challenges with more than one of the areas identified within this strategy. Supporting people to live healthier lives now will help to prevent avoidable ill-health in the future, and is central to the vision set out in our Health and Wellbeing Strategy:

To reduce health inequalities and improve the health and wellbeing of people in the borough, enabling our residents to live more fulfilling, independent and healthy lives. We will do this by working with communities and residents to improve opportunities for all to have a healthy, safe, and fulfilling life (Health and Wellbeing Strategy, 2015-2020)

The strategies contained within this document have been developed at an important time as we prepare to recommission essential public services against the backdrop of a reduced budget. The aims and outcomes within each strategy reflect our understanding of local need, as described in our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), to ensure that we design and deliver our services in ways that most effectively meet the needs of the people from across our communities who use them.

There is not a 'one size fits all' strategy model for these five areas. Each strategy has been developed with input from different borough-wide partnership groups and focuses on specific goals, priorities, and challenges. Running throughout, however, are common principles - the cornerstones of our Health and Wellbeing Strategy. These are to:

  • focus on outcomes
  • emphasise local action and community involvement,
  • ensure that our services continuously improve.

Shared approaches, which mirror our values, are also a common thread. Each strategy highlights how we will:

  • reduce health inequalities
  • create the best opportunities to prevent health problems and offer support at an early stage
  • make changes based on the best evidence of what works well
  • work together with communities as well as professional colleagues from across the system
  • empower people to take responsibility for their health choices

Our Health Improvement Strategy is presented as a dynamic, living document, which will be reviewed and refreshed annually to reflect key changes in policy, guidance and local issues. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributes to this important work.

Councillor Louise Gittins
Chair, Health and Wellbeing Board and Cabinet
Member for Communities and Wellbeing
Cheshire West and Chester Council

Dr Chris Ritchieson
Vice-Chair, Health and Wellbeing Board and Chair of NHS West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

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