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Tobacco Control Strategy


Fewer people in Cheshire West and Chester smoke than ever before, but sadly, smoking remains a leading cause of preventable ill-health for far too many. That is why reducing smoking continues to be a key objective within our Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the period 2022-2024.

In 2020 around 80,000 people died prematurely in the UK due to COVID-19. Smoking kills on the same scale every year and will keep on doing so for many years unless we make smoking obsolete1.

Smoking is the single largest killer in England and the largest driver of health inequalities There is also a significant financial cost associated with long-term care for people who smoke both in acute and community settings. Social care interventions are needed approximately 10 years earlier for those people who smoke.

The good news is that our understanding of local tobacco control priorities and the evidence around high impact changes, such as banning smoking in restaurants and pubs, has never been better. These in turn will help us achieve our long-term ambition for a smoke free generation (where 5 per cent or less of the population smoke).