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Our aims, outcomes, and our principles and approach

We want to:

  1. Prevent even more children and young people from taking up smoking and vaping
  2. Reduce the number of residents who smoke, particularly those who have the strongest dependence and face the most challenges in quitting successfully
  3. Create an environment that supports people to stop smoking for good.

Our vision

By 2022, cigarette smoking will be a much rarer sight on our streets and in our homes. Hundreds more young people will have been protected from breathing second-hand smoke and starting smoking. Thousands of our most vulnerable and dependent smokers will have accessed advice and support to quit smoking for good. Our shared dream is to achieve a smokefree generation by 2030.


We are committed to achieving the following ambitious and measurable outcomes, as set down in the national tobacco control plan by the end of 2022:

  • Pregnant women receive consistent, strong support to quit, reduce the percentage of women who smoke throughout pregnancy to 6 per cent or less
  • Young people are protected from taking up smoking and vaping, reduce the percentage of 15 year olds who smoke to 3 per cent or less
  • Adults know where to turn for a range of support to quit for good. Reduce the percentage of adults who smoke to 9 per cent of the population or less
  • Closing the smoking and health inequality gap - people with the most challenges to quitting and highest dependence are offered effective, evidence-based support, reduce smoking rates amongst people in routine and manual occupations and other priority groups to under 20 per cent.

Our principles and approach

To ensure we create the right conditions to achieve our aims we will act on the following principles:

  • Working in partnership, developing strong collaborative networks within and between organisations, locally and beyond Cheshire West and Chester
  • Be guided by high quality evidence and concentrate on changes we know to be effective and good value for money
  • Be led by local intelligence and our evolving JSNA and be responsive to new evidence and guidance at a national level
  • Seek out local people's views from the ground and from frontline colleagues when we develop our services and improvement plans
  • Work with our colleagues in Public Health England to develop clear, consistent health messages and ensure people have access to high quality information.

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