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Tobacco Control Strategy

High level outcome indicators, and top level indicators

High level outcome indicators

Implementation over the coming five years will be planned and monitored using an overarching action plan, detailed local action plans and a dashboard tracking relevant indicators, including top level measures from the Public Health Outcomes Framework.

Top level indicators

  • Smoking at booking (child and mental health services dataset)
  • Smoking Status at time of delivery (Public Health Profiles)
  • Smoking prevalence at age 15 years – regular smokers (Smoking, Drinking and Drug use survey among young people in England (SDD) survey)
  • Smoking prevalence at age 15 years – occasional smokers (SDD survey)
  • Smoking prevalence in adults (18+) – current smokers (Annual Population Survey (APS))
  • Smoking prevalence in adults in routine and manual occupations – current smokers (Public Health Profiles)
  • Smoking prevalence in adults (18+) with serious mental illness (SMI) – (Public health Profiles)