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Passenger information

Know the difference between vehicles

There are two types of vehicles operating in the borough.

Hackney Carriages

These are generally London style cabs or van conversions which are wheelchair accessible and:

  • can be flagged down on the street, an authorised rank, or pre-booked
  • display white front and rear taxi licence plates
  • charge metered fares depending on the zone that are regulated by us
  • display a ‘Taxi’ sign on its roof

Private hire vehicles

These are saloon or minibus vehicles which:

  • display yellow front and rear private hire licence plates and yellow door stickers
  • they sometimes display yellow stickers with the name of the private hire company
  • charge fares set by private hire companies (we do not regulate these fares)
  • can only be pre-booked through a private hire company (they are not insured to carry you unless pre-booked), for your safety, only ever use licensed vehicles and ensure the driver is wearing a badge