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Make a complaint

We are committed to delivering an excellent service. However, we recognise that we might not get it right the first time. We want to address complaints and learn from them.

Report it

Before you submit a complaint it is important to check that there isn't another option:

  • there may be a more appropriate path such as an appeal or tribunal process
  • when the complaint is about staff conduct rather than how we have provided a service
  • when you can report an issue online
  • when there is an alternative complaints process such as schools or social care.

You can report an issue online and we will aim to solve it as soon as possible.

Report it

If there isn't another option then you can make a complaint.

Make a complaint

What happens next?

Your complaint will be sent to the relevant service for an investigation and it will be responded to in stages.

  • Stage 1: Your concerns will be reviewed and if applicable we will call you. If you require a written response we will write to you within 20 working days.

If you are unhappy with our response then you can request to escalate your complaint to stage two. You can do this in writing, explaining why you are unhappy with the response and what outcomes you would like to see as a result of the stage two investigation. It is helpful to provide evidence to demonstrate why your complaint has not been resolved at this stage.

  • Stage 2: We will triage your request to decide if it is eligible. We will send you an acknowledgement email explaining why we have refused or accepted your request. If it is accepted we aim to respond within 20 working days. This can be extended to 40 working days or more if the complaint is complex.

When we advise you that your submission will be dealt with as 'routine business' you should receive a response within the timescale for a particular service request.

Other complaints

Your complaint may be about the service provided by one of our contractors or companies carrying out service delivery on our behalf. In this case, we will usually ask them to respond to the complaint in the first instance and follow their own complaint process. If you remain dissatisfied you can raise the matter with us after you have received their response.

Any correspondence addressed to the Chief Executive will usually be dealt with under the most appropriate route (comment, compliment or complaint) in the first instance.