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Research a school

The schools directory provides information about primary and secondary schools in the borough including the contact details, age range of pupils in the schools and the number of places available for the September intake.

The detailed information about the number of applications that were received and the number of preferences allocated refers to the September 2021 admissions and is shown to help you estimate what your chances of success are for a particular school before submitting your application. It is important to remember that this is only an indication and does not guarantee admission to any particular school.

School directory

Information provided in the schools directory

Each school will have a 'how were school places allocated in previous year' section. You will be able to see how many applications were received for each school broken down into ranking (i.e. first, second and third preference).

The ‘places allocated’ data refers to the outcome of the application e.g. the number of places offered after all preferences had been considered. There is also a column showing "Other", this is where an applicant’s preference could not be met and shows the number of pupils offered a place where this was the next nearest school with vacancies.

How to use the information provided

  • First consider how many applications were received for a preferred school.
  • Compare this with how the places were offered in the ‘Places allocated’ column.
  • Next look at the lowest criteria allocated to see if any applications were unsuccessful.
  • If applications were unsuccessful, would your application have a lower priority for admission i.e. below the lowest criterion allocated and the distance measurement within this criterion listed alongside it?
  • If you have a lower priority for admission, you need to bear in mind that your application would have been unsuccessful based on last year's parental preferences. There may therefore be a significant prospect of your application being unsuccessful. You will have a statutory right of appeal if this is the case

Lowest criteria allocated

This column refers to the criteria for admissions that was used for each school for September 2021 admissions. If the column shows N/A (Not Applicable), there were no unsuccessful applicants for the school as all parents who requested a place as their highest available preference school were offered a place. For some parents, this may be their second or third preference school. If a particular criterion is listed in this column, for example, ‘furthest distance’ this is the lowest criterion used to allocate a place and indicates that there were unsuccessful applications.


Schools/academies may decide to allocate above their published admission number where permitted, this may have an impact on the eligibility for school transport where this school is determined the nearest.