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Map of permitted processes

The interactive map below shows the locations of industrial and commercial premises which hold permits granted by us to operate processes under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. Selecting one of the icons will display details of the permitted process. You can view a table of other processes for each sector by following the links. The map can also be used to search by postcode or address.

Key to map symbols
SymbolProcess Category
Animal and Vegetable Processing icon

Animal and Vegetable Processing

Combustion and Incineration icon

Combustion and Incineration

Dry Cleaning icon

Dry Cleaning

Metals icon


Minerals icon


Organic Chemicals icon

Organic Chemicals

Part A1 and A2 icon

Part A1 and A2

Petrol Vapour Recovery icon

Petrol Vapour Recovery

Petroleum and Powder Coating icon

Petroleum and Powder Coating

Solvents icon



Industrial processes permitted by the Environment Agency can be found on the Environment Agency website.

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