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Can I extend my house, put up a fence or build something in my garden?

You don’t need to make a planning application for some minor extensions, outbuildings and improvement works. This is known as 'permitted development'. More information about permitted development can be found in our interactive planning guides and on our permitted development page.

If your house is in a conservation areas or is a listed building, different rules may apply. If your house is a listed building you will need listed building consent to carry out any changes to the building. You can find out if your house is in a conservation area or is a listed building on our interactive map.

If you decide to make an application, you can find out how to design your proposal and maximise its chances of being permitted using our house extensions and domestic outbuildings supplementary planning document.

You can apply for planning permission or written confirmation that planning permission is not required on our Planning Portal. If you need further advice, this can be accessed by contacting us. You may also need Building Regulations approval. More information can be found on our permissions and approval page.

Can I do other building works inside my property?

Internal works don’t normally require planning permission, but listed building consent may be needed if your property is listed. You may also need building regulations approval.

How do I start up a new business or extend my current premises?

We want to help businesses to settle and grow. To obtain professional assistance before you submit a planning application, use our pre-application service. Before you start up a new business find out if your business will need planning permission. Information on running a business can be found on the Find It in Cheshire and Warrington website

View the local plan

Planning law requires that applications for planning permission be determined in accordance with the development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise. You can find the local plan, neighbourhood plans and associated documents in our planning policy pages.

Apply for planning permission

Apply for permission

How much does it cost?

Planning applications normally incur a fee. You can calculate your application cost using our planning fee calculator.

What happens once my application is submitted?

Planning applications have to be decided in line with the local planning authority's development plan. When your application is submitted we will write to neighbouring properties to tell them about the application and allow them to comment. You will also receive notice from us telling you how long it is likely to take to process your application. This timescale will depend on our capacity and the complexity of your proposal.

We will contact you or your appointed agent/consultant to discuss the application before making a decision. Further information can be found in our decision making process guidelines.

Can I amend my planning permission?

Find out about options for amending proposals that have planning permission.

Can I speak to a planning officer?

Prior to speaking with a planning officer, we would suggest reading through our permission and approval page and our pre-application advice page.

To ask a general planning question you can use our advice request form and a member of staff will contact you by email or phone. We will try to get back to you within five working days by phone or email between 9am and 5pm. If you have a particular requirement with regard to contact, please provide any information within the form.

This service is appropriate for:

  • simple householder applications (for extensions, outbuildings, etc.)
  • discharge of or compliance with planning conditions
  • proposals requiring 'prior approval' or 'prior notification' under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015

Advice request

Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on 0300 123 7027 and leave a message.

More complex issues should be the subject of formal pre-application advice, which is a chargeable service. You can find out more about this service on our pre-application advice page.

How do I complain about a planning permission?

Under the current appeal rules, only an applicant can submit a formal appeal against the outcome of a planning application. There is no third-party right of appeal. If you wish to make a complaint regarding the process of how a particular planning application was dealt with, this can be done using our form.

Comment, compliment or complaint

If you can't find details of permission having been granted and the work is affecting you, send details to our Planning Enforcement Team using the complaint form and we will check investigate.

How can I search for a current or previous planning application?

We have details of planning applications dating back to 1948. You can request a planning application between 1948 and 1974 by emailing

Planning applications from 1974 onwards are available on our search facility. You can also use our search facility to find out if a development has planning permission.

Highways adoption

If a developer would like a road to be adopted as part of a new development then please email the Development Highways team at

However, if you have a query regarding an existing road being adopted then please email either:

Carrying out a search

If you require us to carry out a search then there is a charge of £36 per hour (chargeable to the nearest half hour with £18 minimum charge). If you require a hard copy of any of the documents there is a charge of 10p per sheet for A4 and A3 (no charge if less than £1) and £1 for any documents over A3.

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