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Renew or replace your Blue Badge

When do I need to renew?

Usually every three years, this is so that we can check that you still qualify and your details are up-to-date. You should apply six weeks before the expiry date on your existing badge. This will allow time for the application to be processed and sent out to you before your badge expires.

If you have a badge issued by another council and you have moved to Cheshire West, then you don't need to reapply. You just need to renew when your current badge expires. 


If your badge has been lost, stolen or damaged then you can apply for a replacement. If your badge has been stolen we will need you to provide a crime reference number which you will get when you report it to the police. 

Before you apply

You will need:

  • the serial number of your current badge (unless its been lost, stolen or you can't make it out)
  • a passport-style photo
  • a credit or debit card to pay the £10 administration fee
  • your National Insurance number


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