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Garden waste collection

Due to increasing financial pressures, we must make some tough decisions to sustain the overall waste management service. One of these decisions is to charge for collecting garden waste. This came into effect on Monday 28 February 2022.

This charge is not included or added to your council tax bill. Residents have a choice to opt-in to the service or make alternative arrangements such as composting at home or taking their waste to the nearest recycling centre.

The new service will provide fortnightly collections over 40 weeks of the year with a suspension outside of growing season of 12 weeks (December to February). This equates to £2 per collection. Garden waste bins will not be emptied without a valid subscription and displayed permit.


The best time to sign up for the new service is between December and February each year to ensure you receive all 20 collections. It is easy to opt in for this service and you can subscribe for as many garden bins as you need:

  • the service will cost £40 per bin per year that is collected regardless of what time in the year you subscribe
  • the service will cost £30 per year per bin if you are in receipt of full council tax benefit (this applies only at the point of application and proof will be required when you subscribe)
  • payments will be taken with a valid credit or debit card
  • residents can subscribe for as many bins as they need


It can take up to ten working days to receive your permit, your service will start on the first collection date after your permit has been received and stuck on to your bin. Please see your collection calendar for your next collection date.

Please be aware that refunds will only be given within the first 14 days of subscribing to the service. We will be unable to issue any refunds after this 14 day period. 

We are unable to accommodate ‘on demand’ collections as we need to make sure that the new service is as simple as possible. Residents who subscribe will pay £40 per bin per year regardless of how many times the bin is presented for collection.

Alternative options

People will have a choice about whether to subscribe to the service or not. You can choose to dispose of garden waste by:

  • sharing a subscription with a neighbour to reduce costs
  • take your garden waste to the recycling centres for free
  • home composting
  • making leaf mould - this is a great soil conditioner for your garden
  • making a wildlife habitat or garden plant supports out of branches and tougher pruning’s

To help our collection crews to manage the transition to the new service we are asking residents to keep hold of their garden waste bins for the time being, regardless of if you want to subscribe to the new service or not.

Once the transition period is over, approximately June 2022, we will put in place arrangements for residents to request removal of unwanted garden bins. 

Please note that if you ask for your garden bin to be removed then subsequently decide to subscribe and need a new bin, there will be a redelivery charge of £21.

Garden waste containers

Please continue to use your existing 240-litre green bin when you subscribe for the collection service.

Some residents have a 140-litre garden bin; the bin size is displayed on some of the bins but not all. A 140-litre garden bin is thinner than the black household bin and a 240-litre garden bin is bigger than the black household bin.

If you have a 140-litre garden bin, you can keep hold of it, but the subscription charge will remain the same. However, you can request to replace this bin with a standard 240-litre garden bin.

Some residents have garden waste bags instead of bins. Garden waste bags are not offered as an alternative to the bin service. If this applies to you, collections will still need to be subscribed for. Each subscription will provide collections for four garden waste bags and each sack must display a permit.

Service advice

Missed garden waste collection

If your missed collection is genuinely our fault, then we will always make every effort to collect your bin as soon as possible.

We will not issue refunds on any fees paid for garden waste collection services. In the event of any prolonged periods of unplanned suspension due to circumstances beyond our or Cheshire West Recycling’s control (for example in cases such as the Covid pandemic), we may consider a course of action deemed appropriate. Equally we may refuse a collection if your bin contains the wrong items or is too heavy.

If your bin was not out by the scheduled time on the collection day you may also have missed the collection time.

If your bin contains the wrong materials or is too heavy for us to move, you will need to make sure that this is rectified to receive the collection on your next scheduled day.

Don’t forget to check the contents of your bin and ensure that this is not too heavy before reporting a missed collection.

Assisted collections

If you are currently receiving an assisted garden waste collection you will not need to organise a new one if you choose to subscribe to the new garden waste collection service.

Damaged/stolen green bin

Replacement green bins will only be delivered to those properties with a current service subscription. Please have your subscription details ready when you order a new green bin.

Moving house

If you subscribe and then move to a new house within the borough part way through the subscription year, and you still wish to receive garden waste collections you will need to complete our garden waste change of address form.

We will then arrange for your permit to be transferred to your new address. Please do not take the bin with you, this must stay with the property. If there is no bin at your new address let us know and we will arrange for a new one to be delivered free of charge.

Notify us of a change of address

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