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Your bin collection

When is my bin collection day?

Your collection day will remain the same. Garden waste collections will only take place if you have subscribed to the garden waste collection service.

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Where do I put my bins out for collection?

On collection day bins should be placed at the edge of your property, unless assisted service is provided.

If you have a shared driveway or shared access, then you need to place your containers for emptying where the driveway meets the main adopted public highway.

What if there is no space?

We have carried out a review of all properties to determine if they are suitable for the new recycling service. If you have received the new recycling bins it is likely that your property has been assessed as being able to accommodate these. You will not be offered an alternative.

You will benefit from using the bins rather than carrying heavy, leaky boxes and there is more space to recycle.

If the following applies to you then we may have made a mistake:

  • you currently receive a non-standard collection service (such as a bag collection)
  • there is nowhere outside your property where the bins could be safely stored without causing significant access or health and safety issues
  • you have received a property exception letter