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Caravan and camping site licence

To run a caravan or camping site you need a licence from us.

Conditions may be attached to a licence to cover any of the following:

  • restricting when caravans can be on the site for human habitation or restricting the number of caravans that can be on the site at any one time
  • controlling the types of caravans on the site
  • controlling the positioning of the caravans or regulating the use of other structures and vehicles including tents
  • to ensure steps are taken to improve the land, including planting/replanting bushes and trees
  • fire safety and fire fighting controls
  • to ensure that sanitary and other facilities, services and equipment are supplied and maintained
Apply or change a caravan and camping site licence

Am I eligible for a licence?

The applicant must be entitled to use the land as a caravan site. Licences will not be issued to applicants who have had a site licence revoked within three years of the current application.

Regulation summary

What happens next?

Applications for site licences are made to the local authority in whose area the land is situated. They should be in writing and should detail the land the application concerns and any other information required by the local authority.

When a person with a site licence ceases to be the occupier of the land (e.g. on sale) the licence may be transferred to the new occupier subject to the prior consent of the local authority (Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (s.10 (1) Transfer of site licences, and transmission on death, etc.) Application must be in writing (application forms are available) and will only be considered if accompanied by the correct fee and on payment of any outstanding associated site fees.

The licence holder remains the licence holder until the licence is transferred (or revoked by a court or tribunal) and is responsible for any breaches under the licence.

Will tacit consent apply?

Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us by the end of the target completion period.

When will a decision be made?

You can expect to be contacted by us within 14 days of receipt of your application and subject to the site having the appropriate planning approval in place we would normally expect to let you know our decision on your application within 30 days of receipt.

What if my application fails?

You are advised to take up any issue with us. If a licence holder is refused an application to alter a condition they may appeal to the local Magistrates' court or, in Scotland, the Sheriff. The appeal must be made within 28 days of the written notification of the refusal and a notice of appeal must be served to us.

Licence holder redress

You are advised to take up any issue with us first. If a licence holder wishes to appeal against a condition attached to a licence they may appeal to the local Magistrates' Court or, in Scotland, the Sheriff. The appeal must be made within 28 days of the licence being issued.

We may alter conditions at any time but we must give licence holders the opportunity to make representations about the proposed changes. If a licence holder disagrees with the alterations they may appeal to the local Magistrates' court or, in Scotland, the Sheriff. The appeal must be made within 28 days of the written notification of the alteration and a notice of appeal must be served on us.

Consumer complaint

We would always advise that in the event of a complaint the first contact is made with the trader by you - preferably in the form of a letter (with proof of delivery). If that has not worked, further information about making a complaint, can be found on our information for consumers page.

Public register or database

The register of sites may be viewed by making an appointment through the office as detailed below.

The Mobile Homes (Requirement for manager of site to be fit and proper person) (England) Regulations 2020

From Thursday 1 July 2021 all park home (permanent residential) sites operated on a commercial basis must be managed by a fit and proper person. We are currently preparing to implement the new regulations to enable site owners or site managers to make their applications to be included on the register of fit and proper persons. Further information can be found on our Mobile Homes Regulations 2020 page.

Mobile Homes Act 2013

The new Mobile Homes Act 2013 came into force on 26 March 2013, the Act brings many changes which can be found on our Mobile Homes Act 2013 webpage.

Caravan fees policy

Fees 2023/24

  • Initial new site application (one-off): £516
  • Annual licence fee - up to five units (base figure): £240
  • Annual licence fee - six units and above: £399
  • Licence transfer / variation: £314
  • Simple licence variation (e.g. name change): £32 per hour (minimum 1 hour charge)
  • Deposit of site rules: £80
  • Application to register as a fit and proper person £300

General enquiries

Contact us

By post: Regulatory Services, Cheshire West and Chester Council, Wyvern House, The Drumber, Winsford, CH7 1AH

Residential caravan site rules

Site licence conditions

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Further information

Information is available from Cheshire Fire and Rescue to help with fire risk assessment: