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Market Position Statement 2023 - 2033

Our influences

What people want:

We know from talking to people who use services that they just want to live the life they want. They want more personalised services which complement rather than determine their lives. People want services which are high quality and work for them. Our Market Position Statement focusses on how we want services to help people live a great life.


What we know about demand and future demand is key to determining the kind of markets and services we need. We know demand for some types of service is increasing whilst for others reducing or changing. Our Market Position Statement focusses on areas of our market we want to grow and change and specifically on how we prevent, reduce and delay demand for longer-term care and support.


The Council’s budget is key to determining what kind of market and services we have. We know that we can no longer continue to meet the same and rising levels of demand using the same models of care and support – they are simply too expensive. Our Market Position Statement is clear that we need different and more cost-effective ways of meeting outcomes for people.

What our providers say:

We know from having regular conversations with providers that there are challenges but that there are also opportunities for doing things differently. We want to commission resilient models of care and support which work for people, providers and the workforce we need. Our Market Position Statement emphasises the partnership we want to create with providers to make things better.