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Market Position Statement 2023 - 2033


We are shaping a new kind of market, one which is supportive and enabling and with the primary focus on helping people, whatever their age and ability, to live a great life at home.

We want a market with services that build on people’s own strengths and work with existing assets and services within our communities to prevent, reduce and delay the need for longer term care and support.

When people need more support, we want a market with the right housing and care options to enable them to continue living the life they want.

We are looking to work with providers and organisations who are high quality, innovative and share in our vision that everyone, regardless of age or ability, can live a great life.

Our commissioning intentions focus on two things:

  • living a great life at home
  • living a great life in supported accommodation

To help us develop the market we need, we are transforming the way we commission:

  • We will be looking to commission new models of care and support which offer new approaches to supporting people at home, and in their community.
  • We will create a more diverse and resilient market full of services offering greater choice and accessibility.
  • We will increasingly integrate with NHS commissioning to deliver the Cheshire West Plan.
  • We will work with a broader range of providers, developers, organisations and individuals who are prepared to work in partnership with us, to be flexible to meet changing demands and to bring innovative ideas to the table.
  • We will co-produce the services of the future with the people who will benefit from them.