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Information for tenants

Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant

Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant will depend on factors such as whether the landlord lives in the same property as you, how long you have lived there and what type of tenancy agreement you have.   

Reporting disrepair in your rented property

If your rented property is in poor condition and you wish to report disrepair in your rented property, you can do so on online.

Cheshire Landlord Accreditation Scheme

All landlords and letting agents accredited with the Cheshire Landlord Accreditation Scheme agree to meet a code of standards.  The code of standards covers both the condition of a property as well as how the landlord or agent carries out their housing management responsibilities.  When renting in the private rented sector you should look to rent from a landlord or letting agent who is accredited with the Cheshire Landlord Accreditation Scheme.   

Paying your rent

If you are having trouble paying your rent, you should contact your landlord or letting agent immediately, before things get worse.   You may also be entitled to get help with your rent.

Where to find help

Our aim is to resolve problems and avoid unnecessary evictions. If you are worried that you may be asked to leave your private rented home, you should seek advice urgently from the council's West Cheshire Homes team.

If you are experiencing problems with your landlord, the council can contact your landlord on your behalf.

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