Bus service changes

    Please note: from Monday 23 March, bus operators across the borough will introduce revised timetables to reflect the change in circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Before you travel please check the operator websites.

    Registered routes

    More information about registered routes can be found on the Gov.UK website.

    Alternatively contact the North Western Traffic Area Office.

    • By post: North Western Traffic Area Office, Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds, LS9 6NF
    • Telephone: 0113 254 3200
    • Email: operatorlicensing@otc.gsi.gov.uk

    • By post: North Western Traffic Area Office, Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds, LS9 6NF
    • Telephone: 0113 254 3291
    • Fax: 0113 249 8142

    Request new timetables

    Changes to commercial services

    Under the Transport Act 1985 (Deregulation), bus companies are free to operate services which they consider to be commercially viable. The company decides which type of vehicle to provide, which route to follow and which stops to serve, how frequent the service will run and how much to charge in fares.

    They do not need to seek authority to start, alter or withdraw part or all of such services, nor is there any authority to oblige them to run services or sections of service, which they believe to be unprofitable. They are, however, required to give notice of their intentions both to the Traffic Commissioner (part of the Government Department for Transport) and to the relevant Council(s).

    Changes to supported services

    Where a bus company is unable or unwilling to run a service on a commercial basis, we have the power to secure the provision of services by allocating financial support. These 'socially necessary' services are operated by bus companies under contract to us and we, not the bus company, determine the type of vehicle to be operated, the route, stopping places, timetable and fares.

    Bus service registration

    Bus services should be registered with a minimum of 56 days notice. Registrations may be granted at 'short notice', using Form PSV350A. The support of the relevant local authority is usually required quoting one of the following reasons:

    • the change is in the week which includes 24 - 25 December, Good Friday or any bank holiday (21 days' notice required)
    • you are replacing a substantially similar service by another operator (name the operator)
    • the service is not public or not much used by the public (e.g. school bus)
    • at the request of a Local Authority or police on safety grounds or traffic regulation (evidence required)
    • a special occasion or event for a period of no more than 21 days' duration (name the occasion)
    • the change is of no more than 10 minutes or to connect with an altered rail, ferry or air service (name the service)
    • the change is for 14 days or less, for the period of a local holiday (give details)
    • there is a need to meet an urgent or exceptional transport requirement (give details).
    • unforeseen circumstances (explain)