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When is my bin collected?

Please note: any changes to your bin collection over Christmas will be highlighted on our Christmas waste page.

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Garden bin collection changes

Information about these changes can be found on our Waste Management Strategy FAQs.

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Which bin or box should you use?

To find out what items you can recycle and what goes in which bin or box you can use our search tool.

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Where do I place my bin or box?

Containers are to be placed at the edge of a customer’s property, unless assisted service is provided. Containers need to be made available for emptying from 7am on the scheduled day of collection.

If you have a shared driveway or shared access then you need to place your containers for emptying where the driveway meets the main adopted public highway.

Flats and apartments

We understand that residents in flats and apartments often struggle to recycle because of space restrictions. Bins stores are provided for residents to dispose of their recycling and waste. You can help by:

  • making sure the bin store is clean and tidy
  • ensure all waste is put in the bins provided
  • do not leave waste on the floor or on top of the bins
  • use the correct containers

Recycling process

Cheshire West Recycling manage the collection and recycling of glass from the kerbside recycling scheme. This Council owned company work with a number of UK re-processors who sort the material by colour. All recycling processors are regulated by the Environment Agency, and approved by us.

Please note: We are currently unable to recycle compostable cups and cutlery at the kerbside. This is because the current recycling process cannot compost the materials. This is often due to the actual composting process which can’t actually break the item down. This means that the item will contaminate the recycling. These need to be avoided or put into the black bin.

What goes in a black wheelie bin?

  • general waste
  • black plastic
  • polystyrene
  • pet waste

What goes in a green wheelie bin?

  • garden waste
  • leaves
  • small branches
  • grass and hedge clippings
  • cut flowers

What goes in a brown food bin?

  • raw and cooked waste food
  • meat and fish (raw and cooked including bones)
  • dairy products (e.g. cheese, butter, eggs and their shells)
  • bread, cakes and pastries
  • fruit and vegetables (raw and cooked)
  • rice, pasta and beans
  • tea bags and coffee grounds

What goes in a grey box?

  • plastic bottles, lids, pots tubs, trays (no black plastic)
  • cans and tins (paint cans should be recycled at the recycling centres)
  • empty aerosols
  • tin foil, foil trays

What goes in a green box?

  • glass bottles and jars (no broken glass, panes of glass or pyrex)
  • card (large amounts should be flat and folded)
  • paper
  • batteries (leave car batteries beside the box)
  • envelopes with windows
  • cartons
  • mixed textiles and clothing (bagged - please do not use charity bags)
  • shoes (laces tied together or placed in a bag to keep together)
  • cooking and engine oil (in a sealed container left upright beside the box)
  • small electrical items (smaller than a toaster)
  • spectacles
  • empty printer cartridges
  • mobile phone
  • shredded paper (contained in a carrier bag or wrapped in a newspaper)

It is important to recycle batteries correctly as they can become harmful if they are damaged. More information about why it is important can be found on our recycling batteries page.

What cannot be recycled?

  • broken glass
  • gas cylinders/bottles
  • light bulbs
  • glass household items: pyrex oven wear, drinking glasses, mirrors, decorative glass (vases), window panes and glass ornaments
  • metallic wrapping paper
  • large metal items such as metal window frames and car parts
  • tissues, kitchen roll, wet wipes and paper towels
  • food contaminated paper/card
  • carbon paper, laminated paper
  • cards with embellishments such as feathers and glitter
  • paint cans
  • plastic bags
  • hard back books
  • polystyrene packaging/trays
  • toys
  • pet food and baby food pouches
  • CD cases and cassette tapes

Some of these items could be taken into a charity shop for re-use.

If you can't find what you're looking for in the lists above search for an item.

Bulky waste

Residents should not put any bulky waste into or around the bin stores. These items will not get recycled by the collection crew.

Large items can easily be collected from your home by using our bulky waste collection service. Furniture and electrical items are collected by Changing Lives together for reuse or recycling where possible.

More information can be found on our bulky waste collection page.

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