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Your Council Tax bill explained

Council Tax bills contain a lot of information. There are three main sections of the bill and this page will explain what each part shows. 

The top part of the bill covers personal details



  • 1 - The tax year the bill covers
  • 2 and 3 - The names of any person(s) liable and the address the bill has been issued to
  • 4 - The band of the property
  • 5 - Your account reference number
  • 6 - The date the bill was issued
  • 7 - The address of the property the bill relates to - if different to the contact address
  • 8 - A barcode. This can be scanned to make payments at Post Offices and PayPoint outlets.

The middle part shows how your bill is calculated

This section shows how the charge is split between the us, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for services provided by Cheshire Police, Cheshire Fire Authority and parish councils. It also shows the percentage increase or decrease.



Adult Social Care

The Adult Social Care (ASC) precept is a charge to ensure that we can meet the growing demand for adult social care services. The increase is calculated as 1% of the previous year’s average Band D charge (excluding parish, Police and Fire precepts) which is added to the previous year’s ASC precept to give the figure shown on the bill.

Parish Precept and Special Expense

If you live in a parish area, it may be one authorised to raise money through Council Tax. This is called a parish precept and will also be in the charge. Special expenses are made in relation to the costs of maintaining open spaces and Christmas lights within the borough unless the area is covered by a local town or parish council. Where the town or parish council delivers the service, the taxpayer pays for that service as part of their precept.

Budget increases

Further information about the increases for the Police and Crime Commissioner and Cheshire Fire Authority can be found on their websites. Further information about our charges and special expenses can be found on our budget information page.

The bottom part of the bill shows how you have chosen to pay 



This section gives details of the due dates for the instalments and your current method of payment.

Your overall account balance

This is the total amount owing for all financial years. If you still owe money from a previous year this will be included in the total shown here. 

You can register to access your Council Tax account online and see your up-to-date balance. 

This is also available in a printed format. For your free copy please contact us.


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