Outside of the borough

    Applying outside of the borough

    If you live in Cheshire West and Chester and want to apply for a school in a different area you must apply to us. If you are not a resident in the borough then you should apply via your own Local Authority, however if you are resident in Wales, Scotland, Ireland or moving from abroad you can apply direct to us.

    Applying in the borough when living in another Local Authority or abroad

    Applications received for the admission of pupils who are not resident in the borough are always considered on an equal basis. Applications for admission to schools within the borough, and any appeals, are considered in relation to the availability of places in the child’s chronological age group. Applications should be made in the normal way however, if parents/carers wish to move their child out of their chronological age group (i.e. deferred entry/early transfer) they should apply for a place as normal but accompany their application with their request. The admission authority of the school/academy will then review your request and you will be informed in writing if entry into a different chronological year group has been agreed.

    Please note that almost all children in the borough are educated within their correct chronological year group in accordance with government guidance.