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Reception admissions

Compulsory school age and deferred/delayed entry

Children reach compulsory school age at the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday.

Child's fifth birthday Compulsory school age
1 September - 31 December Spring term
1 January - 31 March Summer term
1 April - 31 August Autumn term

Under our policy, children may start school the September following their fourth birthday. Therefore, children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 are normally admitted to school in September 2024.

Applications for admission, and any appeals, are normally considered in relation to the availability of places in the child’s chronological age group.

Delayed entry for summer born children

There are two options if you wish to delay your child’s school entry until the following year, for children born between 1 April and 31 August only:

  • delayed entry option one – a written notification must be submitted to the authority advising that you wish to delay your child’s entry until the following September and join the normal age group in year one. You will need to make an in year application to the school at the beginning of June prior to the September start
  • delayed entry option two – you must apply within the timescale for the normal admissions round submitting a written request together with the application advising that you wish to delay your child’s entry until the following September and start in reception, a year below their normal age group. Approval from the admission authority is required for this option

The vast majority of children in the borough are taught in their chronological year group. You can read the Department for Education's advice for parents to find more information on delayed entry.

Deferred entry

If your child is due to start school during the next academic year, you must apply for a place for September.

If your child’s fifth birthday is between the months of September and December, then, if you wish it, admission may be deferred until January; if it is between January and April, then admission may be deferred until the start of the summer term, though it is likely to be in your child’s interest to start no later than January.

Applications for deferred admissions must be made by the published closing date.