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Reception admissions

Making an application

How will my application be considered?

Once an application is received by the Local Authority, a process will be applied:

  • details on the application will be checked against any data already held by the Local authority. If we find a discrepancy between the data stated on the application and the data held verification may be required
  • if you indicate that there is a sibling already attending the preferred school on your application and the address we hold for the sibling is different to the address stated on the application, a ‘sibling’ criteria will not be assigned. Ensure that the school holds the most up to date information to avoid any complications
  • preferences received for Aided Schools, Academies and Free Schools will be forwarded to the relevant admission authority together with any additional information for their consideration
  • preferences for other English Local Authority Schools will be forwarded to the relevant authority for their consideration
  • a criteria is assigned for each preference by the relevant admission authority based on the information stated on your application. Please see Section 3 for the oversubscription criteria for each school

Please note the policy may have changed from previous years.

What happens if I need to amend my application?

If your circumstances change and you need to amend the schools you have named on your application or make any other changes after you have submitted your application, providing it is before the closing date of 15 January 2024 you will need to write to us stating your reasons for your change of preferences. If you make any changes to your online application after you have submitted it, this will automatically withdraw your previous application. You must press the submit button again to ensure your amended application is received.

Please note: any changes made after the closing date will result in your application being treated as a late application, unless we accept that there is a genuine reason for the change and providing it is made before 20 February 2024, e.g. a recent house move, which must be stated at the time of the application. For further details please see the information on moving house on our general information page.

When will I know the outcome of my application?

Offers for primary school places will be posted out on the 16 April 2024 to those parents/carers who have applied using a paper application.

If you applied online you will receive your offer by email and you can log on to your account to view the school place offered on 16 April 2024.

Voluntary (church aided) school applications

If you name a church aided schools as a preference they may request written confirmation of religious commitment, e.g. by means of a letter of support from a church minister or for admission to Catholic schools, evidence of baptism.