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School admissions

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In this section of the website you can read about the school admissions process. 

Transferring to secondary school September 2021

In light of the Grammar School 11+ exam results not being available until after the closing date for applications. Any applicant who has expressed a preference for a Grammar school, wishing to amend their preferences as a result of the exam outcome will be able to do so up until 11 December and the changes will be treated as on time.

Where to find help

Please note: from 1 January 2021 parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to check that they have a right of abode or that the conditions of their immigration status otherwise permit them to access a state-funded school.

The School Admissions service deals with everything to do with allocating school places, including:

  • producing written information for parents about primary and secondary school admissions;
  • coordinating transferring pupils from primary to secondary school;
  • coordinating applications for admission into reception classes for the first time in September;
  • providing advice and guidance to parents on admission procedures, including the transfer of pupils between schools;
  • acting as the initial contact for parents who want to make appeals for community and voluntary controlled schools which are full;
  • representing community and voluntary controlled schools as the admitting authority at independent appeal hearings.

We can be contacted in the following ways. 

General enquiries

Preparing your child for school

For help preparing your child for school please see the West Cheshire Children’s Trust School Readiness booklet. School readiness can mean different things to different people. The aim of the booklet is to provide an understanding of how parents, carers and practitioners can help children to be ready for school.

School transport

Before you apply for a school place, you need to consider how you will transport your child to school, taking into account any potential transport costs. From September 2015 travel assistance will only be offered to pupils attending their nearest school.

Free school meals

Children who attend school within the Cheshire West and Chester area, up to the age of 16 and pupils who go to a school sixth form might be eligible for free school meals. If a child attends a college you can contact the college directly to make an application.

Further information

Ofsted are changing the way they inspect and report on schools. With the new Education Inspection Framework coming into force in September 2019, they have written this short ‘explainer text’ for parents on how these changes will affect them. You can find this on the website.

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