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Backdating claims

Sometimes we can award your benefit before the date you claim. This is called 'backdating'.

Council Tax Reduction

We usually award this from the Monday after we get your claim or the Monday after your application form was given to you if we receive it within one month.

If you are of pensionable age, we are able to consider ‘backdating’ your claim for up to three months automatically. If you are a working age customer, we cannot backdate your claim. Find out more about Council Tax Reduction.

We also have a discretionary payment scheme for backdated awards of Council Tax Reduction. These will only be granted in extreme circumstances.

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is awarded the same way Council Tax Reduction is. The only difference is that the maximum amount of time we can back date is one month, if you can prove you have good reason for not claiming sooner. This is known as 'good cause'.

Good cause

The following are some circumstances that we would look at a backdate for a 'good cause' reason.

  • if you were ill and had no-one to make the claim for you
  • if you did not know your rights, for example where there have been changes in the law
  • if you did not understand that you could claim perhaps because of age or language difficulties
  • difficulty in understanding technical documents
  • if you were wrongly advised by an official organisation that you were not entitled
  • if you were unable to manage your affairs and did not have an 'appointee' or someone to help you

How do I request my claim to be backdated?

If you think you have 'good cause' for making a late claim, you should:

  • fill in a claim form for the period in question and supply all the evidence as soon as possible
  • write to us explaining why you believe your claim should be backdated

You need to tell us the period you want it backdated for and give full details of why your claim was late. 

What happens next?

We will look at your reason for wanting your claim to be backdated and we will write to you with our decision.

What can I do if I don't agree with your decision?

If you don't agree with our decision you can ask us to look at it again. Find out more about appeals.


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