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Storm Christoph - Flood emergency response progress

Alongside the S19 Investigations work carried out following Storm Christoph we have also been working hard to improve and enhance our organisational emergency response and recovery procedures in advance of any future flood events.

What do those enhancements look like?

  • There is now an updated Multi-Agency Flood Plan, which incorporates the lessons learnt from Storm Christoph and previous flood events; this document sets out how the Council and its partners work together during flood incidents, ensuring an effective response, timely communications with the public and efficient post incident recovery operations. A Northwich specific flood response plan has also been developed. All plans are regularly exercised with partners to ensure that they’re fit for purpose.
  • Delivered out training with Council staff and Members to raise awareness and understanding of flood response arrangements.
  • Undertaken a thorough review of the Council’s emergency response to the unprecedented flood incidents in 2021, speaking to those staff involved and our communities. Subsequently new flood specific emergency roles are planned with appropriate training. The Council has also been working with the Environment Agency to ensure that we work as one team on the ground eliminating duplication.
  • Provided key staff with new Personal Protective Equipment so that they’re visible and safe when responding to flood incidents and helping our communities.
  • Delivered a series of public flood engagement sessions in the worst hit areas to hear the views of our residents so that the Council can further enhance its response arrangements.
  • Worked closely with Town and Parish Councils in developing Community Emergency Plans and there are now a number in place across the borough – these plans help our communities to harness local resources and expertise in an emergency, complementing the response of the Council and Emergency Services, ensuring those in greatest need are prioritised.
  • Increasing to the amount of information available for the public and our councillors thus ensuring that key information and updates are delivered to those who need it in a timely and effective manner.

All of these improvements have been designed to ensure an effective response to flood incidents and we’ll continue to work with our partners to ensure that we are as prepared as possible for future flooding, looking after our communities and ensuring their safety.