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Order new or replacement bin

Before you make your request

From 1 January 2022, residents will not be able to order additional or replacement boxes due to the introduction of a new recycling and waste service.

If you do not have a box, please use a suitable alternative container such as a cardboard box, plastic box, or reusable carrier bag until your new wheeled bins for recycling are delivered. Containers will be left on the kerbside once the recycling has been collected. Please do not put recycling in a black bin bag.

Damaged bins

Damaged bins will only be replaced if they cannot be loaded onto the vehicle, have no lids or wheels, or the body of the bin has split.

Order a new or replacement bin, box or lid

Apply for a bigger bin or an extra domestic bin

Only one domestic waste bin is issued per household. You can apply for a bigger bin or extra domestic bin if you are recycling as much as possible and one bin is not enough. All applications will be validated before your request is approved. You may be given a bigger bin instead of an extra bin.

Apply for a bigger or an extra domestic bin