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Winsford Whole Place


Helping Winsford thrive

The Council has a plan to improve the lives of everyone in Winsford

You will have seen changes to Winsford over the last few years, and there are more investments and improvements to come. If you live, work or study in Winsford, we're sure you know about some of the improvements taking place - but maybe not all of them.

These pages give that bigger picture, and sets out what this town can expect from the Council and its partners over the coming years.

The Winsford Neighbourhood Plan

Back in 2012 the Winsford Neighbourhood Plan was put in place, influenced by local people. That plan set out what improvements the town could expect and what that investment in time, energy and money actually means to everyone that lives here.

Winsford Whole Place Programme is inspired by that plan and is now the driving force for some major improvements.

  1. Redeveloping the town centre, building more houses and making better use of parks and green spaces
  2. Making better use of empty community buildings and moving services to places that suit you
  3. Improving roads and transport so travel through and around Winsford is safer and easier
  4. Giving people the chance to build a better future through training and qualifications that mean good jobs with good wages
  5. Creating more opportunities for children and families so that they are able to do well throughout their lives
  6. Increasing the health, happiness and wellbeing of everyone so that they can fulfil their potential

Things don't change overnight - but Winsford is on a journey to be fit for the future.