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Winsford Whole Place

Winsford Industrial Estate

More job opportunities on Winsford Industrial Estate

The industrial estate, which already offers thousands of jobs, is growing. This will mean more jobs for local people.

Although it’s early days with this project, the developments on the industrial estate will support Winsford's future and make the most of the town’s great location in the North West.

Investing in skills and training

Investing in your children’s future with skills, training and qualifications is one of the ambitions at the heart of Winsford Whole Place. And attracting new businesses to the area will mean our young people will be able to find a rewarding job in an area they call home.

More space

Around 150 businesses are based at the industrial estate, employing more than 4,000 people across a range of industries. We are working with private businesses to improve and expand the site so new companies can move in, bringing investment in to the local economy and opportunities for Winsford’s skilled job hunters.

Our plan is to work with private companies to provide an extra 350,000 sq ft of space, which is similar in size to five football pitches. Here, will we support businesses to thrive and provide up to 1,500 new jobs.

Commercial vehicle body and trailer manufacturer, Tiger Trailers, has already invested in the town and its people by expanding on the industrial estate. And other companies are showing a keen interest making the area their home.

Improving roads and facilities

There's more to expanding the industrial estate than businesses and buildings, and we are also working on improving the roads and enhancing the facilities for workers.

When your children grow up this project will be thriving and could give them the opportunity get a great job not too far from home.

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