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Winsford Whole Place

Wyvern House refurbished

Many services are now under one roof at the refurbished Council building

If you need help with finding a job, earning a job promotion, claiming Universal Credit or you are just finding the struggles of everyday life hard to cope with, then you could find answers in Wyvern House.

Council services

Feeling the benefit

Local residents Karla McDonagh and Ian Sutcliffe have both felt the benefit of the new set up.

Karla from Mount Pleasant has had to cope with the challenges of bringing up her one-year-old son as a single mum without the security of having a job. She said: "With the services I need all being under one roof it is a massive benefit to the local community, because all the relevant organisations you need for assistance and help are all here. You only need to walk down a hallway."

The Winsford Work Zone, Job Centre Plus, Citizens Advice, ForFutures housing and Weaver Vale Housing Trust and Enterprise Team and the Council are working together to help local people solve issues and challenges they may face.

Winsford’s Ian Sutcliffe developed depression after ill health led to him giving up his job. He sought help at Wyvern House and now sees a bright future. He said: "I think it is fantastic that all these organisations work together. Before I came here I didn’t know what help was out there or where to turn. JobCentre pointed me to Work Zone, and then to Healthbox. They are all really supportive and help you to where you need to be."