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Winsford Whole Place

Lead Artist for Winsford Whole Place

Taking a creative approach

Cath Campbell hopes to play a major part in how Winsford looks in the future

Artist and sculptor Cath, who has worked with communities in the North East on significant art projects, is now casting her expertise and artistic eye on Winsford.

Cath has been appointed as lead artist by a panel that included local community arts organisation, Cross Hatch Gallery, and arts organisation, Cheshire Dance, alongside the Council. She will work creatively with community groups and town planners as part of the redesign process for the town centre.

Crosshatch on Facebook

Cath said: "I think, in terms of the physical place of the town, having an artist thinking how things look and operate is really important. You can be very functional but you also want some beauty and I would love to work with the planners on how this could be achieved.

"It would be quite unique and a powerful tool if I can bring the community voice into design. There is the potential to create physical art for the town and also work with the master planners to be a part of the design process. I am really excited to be involved."

Getting involved

Cath will spend the next few months meeting with community groups, fact-finding and researching the history of the town.