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Wellbeing workshops

Jacqui Kenyon

A healthy outlook opens new doors

Jacqui Kenyon is looking forward to a brighter future thanks to wellbeing workshops, funded by the Council’s Winsford Whole Place Programme and run by Motherwell Cheshire. 

Jacqui said: "I had a very busy life and then became ill.  I spent time in and out of hospitals and then at home on my own just feeling isolated. Now this is getting me up and out of the house and meeting people. You can have a laugh and a joke with others. You are learning different topics every week which then gives you motivation."

Jacqui has been attending Wellbeing Wednesdays at Wyvern Hub. These free workshops offer a range of health and wellbeing group activities, plus one-to-one mentoring.  The group activities give everyone who attends an opportunity to express themselves, learn techniques for managing conditions and to share feelings with like-minded people.

Amanda Sinclair joined a Wellbeing Wednesday session to support her friend with anxiety, but soon realised that she too could benefit. Amanda said: “It is a place where you can say what you need to say and it doesn’t go outside the room. It is two hours of freedom from what is going on in life. I now feel more motivated, happier and positive. In Winsford there are a lot of people who do need help and the fact that the Council is helping is a really positive thing.”

Get involved 

Wellbeing Wednesday is run alongside another service that supports people facing mental health challenges. The Council’s partner Healthbox provides a mental health support service that includes access to counselling. For more information on Wellbeing Wednesday visit:

Wellbeing Winsford

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