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Reductions for disabled people

We offer a reduction in the Council Tax band of the property where a disabled person or persons live. For example, a band C home would become a band B. This is offered when the disabled person makes use of additional rooms to meet therapeutic or day-to-day needs. For disabled people living in a property in the lowest band, A, a reduction approximately equivalent to 10% will be given.

To qualify, the property needs to be one of the following:

  • has a second bathroom or kitchen adapted from rooms available in the property, to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • where a wheelchair is used indoors
  • where a special room is required to meet the therapeutic needs of the disabled person 

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Vacating a property for care

If a person’s sole or main residence has changed to a care or nursing home and they have no intention to return to the property, reductions and exemptions may be available. 

If only one person remains (over 18) then a 25% reduction can be claimed. If it leaves no residents at a property then a 100% Council Tax exemption can be awarded. If a person has been in hospital prior to going into a nursing/care home with no intention to return, the reduction can be backdated to the date they were admitted to hospital.

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