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Discounts and exemptions

Young people and students


Discounts apply to full time students only. Full time study means a minimum of 21 hours per week and 24 weeks per year.

The following types of study may qualify you as a student:

  • Open University students
  • post Graduate students (12 months masters degree)
  • a foreign student undertaking a full time course at a UK University but living and studying abroad in a Member State of the EU

You will need to provide your student certificate

Spouses or dependents of a student who is not a British citizen and their visa does not allow paid employment for claiming benefits will be exempt.

Examples of the discount you may receive

  • if a household consists of two residents and one is a student, a 25% reduction is available
  • if a household consists of three residents and one is a student, there is no discount
  • if all residents at a property are full time students, the property is exempt.

Advice for students

Student halls of residence are exempt from council tax. If you live in a student hall of residence there is nothing to pay. You don't need to claim an exemption.

To qualify as a student hall of residence the building must be:

  • owned or managed by a charity, or by an educational establishment that mainly provides further or higher education; or
  • included in an agreement that allows an educational establishment to allocate the people who live there.
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School leavers

If you're 18 or 19 years old and you stop going to school or finish a course at a special college after April 30th, you won't get a discount until the next November.

Child benefit

You may be eligible for a discount for 18 year olds for whom you receive child benefit.

Apprentices and youth trainees

To apply, you must be working towards an accredited qualification and paid less than £195 a week.

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