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Student discount

Discounts apply to full time students only. Full time study means a minimum of 21 hours per week and 24 weeks per year. 

Before you apply

If you attend Chester University or John Moores University, we can check our database to confirm that you are a student. If you attend another University, we will need to see your student certificate.

We may also ask for the following evidence:  

  • confirmation of acceptance on a course
  • proof of enrolment
  • key details of a course (duration, hours, syllabus)
  • a contact name and details of institute course administrator.

The following types of study may qualify you as a student:  

  • open University students
  • post Graduate students (12 months masters degree)
  • a foreign student undertaking a full time course at a UK University but living and studying abroad in a Member State of the EU.

Examples of the discount you may receive

  • if a household consists of two residents and one is a student, a 25% reduction is available
  • if a household consists of three residents and one is a student, there is no discount
  • if all residents at a property are full time students

Apply for a student discount


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