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Mobile library service


The Mobile Library Service is currently unavailable. Chester Library at Storyhouse, Ellesmere Port, Neston, Northwich, Winsford, Helsby, Lache, Little Sutton, Sandiway, Upton, Barnton, Blacon, Frodsham, Great Boughton, Hope Farm and Weaverham Libraries are now open. All Libraries apart from Chester Library will be operating on temporary revised hours.

All loans have been extended until 2 November. Any items borrowed directly from a Cheshire East Library are now issued for the normal three week loan period. You can check the return date on your items by logging in to your account.

Our mobile library service makes regular visits to villages throughout West Cheshire. There is no service on weekends and Bank Holidays. 

The mobile library three week cycle

The service operates on a three week cycle. 

In 2020 week one services will be commencing 2 January, 10 February, 2 March, 13 April, 4 May, 15 June, 6 July, 17 August, 7 September, 19 October, 9 November, 21 December. 


Week 1
Village/route  Stopping place Time 
Guilden Sutton 

Hare Lane
Moorcroft Crescent
Village Hall

9.30am - 9.50am
10am - 10.15am
10.30am - 12pm

Willaston  Memorial Hall 2pm - 5pm


Week 2
Village/routeStopping place Time  

Craddock Court
Springfield Road

10am - 10.40am
10.45am - 11am
No Man's Heath  Cross O'th Hill 11.10am - 11.30am
Bickley  St Wenefred's Green 11.40am - 12.05pm
Tiverton  Village Green 1.45pm - 2.15pm 
Duddon  Back Lane 2.30pm - 3pm 
Barrow  Village pump 3.25pm - 4pm


Week 1 - Wednesday
Village/route Stopping place  Time   
Allostock  Princess Road 10.30am - 11.10am
Lach Dennis Cheshire Grill Pub 11.20am - 11.50am
Rudheath  Spar Shops 12pm - 12.35pm
Davenham  Fountain Court
Firth Fields
2.05pm - 2.30pm 
2.35pm -  2.50pm
Kingsmead  Duke's Way 3pm - 4pm


Week 1 - Wednesday
Village/route Stopping place  Time   
Dunham Bus stop 10.30am - 10.30am
Mickle Trafford Warrington Road Layby
Holly Close 
10.35am - 10.50am 
10.55am - 11.25am
Wimbolds Trafford Ince Lane
Hob Lane End

11.35am - 11.50am
11.55am - 12.10pm

Elton Community Centre 2.30pm - 5pm


Week 1 - Wednesday
Village/route Stopping place  Time   
Castle Ryders Street 10am - 10.25am

Riddings Lane
Booth Road

10.55am - 11.55am
12.05pm - 12.20pm
Greenbank Community Hub

2pm - 4pm

In 2020 week two services will operate weeks commencing 6 January, 27 January, 17 February, 9 March, 30 March, 20 April, 11 May, 1 June, 22 June, 13 July, 3 August, 24 August, 14 September, 5 October, 26 October, 16 November, 7 December.


Week 1
Village/route  Stopping place Time 
Manley Post Office 10.10am - 10.40am
Ashton  Peel Hall Lane
10.50am - 11am
11am - 11.10am
Little Budworth Booth Avenue 11.35am - 12.05pm
Winsford Hazelmere 12.25pm - 12.55pm
Moulton Monument
Fairholme Road
2.15pm - 2.55pm
3.05pm - 4pm 


Week 2
Village/route Stopping place Time  
Antrobus Village Hall 10.10am - 10.35am
Comberbach Village Hall 10.55am - 11.25am
Great Budworth Parish Church 11.35am - 12.35pm 
Wincham Green Lane
Ashwood Park 
2pm - 2.45pm
2.55pm - 3.10pm
Lower Peover General Stores 3.25pm - 4.05pm


Week 1 - Wednesday
Village/route Stopping place  Time   
Eccleston Post Office  9.40am -10am
Dodleston Church car park 10.15am - 10.40am
Huntington Shops  11am - 11.30am
Aldford Church  11.40am - 11.55am
Churton Opposite White Horse 12.05pm - 12.20pm
Farndon Speeds Way
Memorial Hall 
1.20pm - 1.50pm
1.55pm - 3.25pm
Caldy Valley Retail outlet car park 3.40pm - 4.30pm


Week 1 - Wednesday
Village/route Stopping place  Time   
Saughall Memorial Hall  
Chapel Close
9.50am - 10.20am
10.40am - 11am
11.10am - 11.30am
Lea by Backford Grove Road 1.10pm - 1.30pm
Backford Church 1.40pm - 2.10pm
Elton Community centre 2.30pm - 5pm


Week 1 - Wednesday
Village/route Stopping place  Time   
Ledsham Village 10.10am - 10.30am

Village green

11am - 11.20am
Burton Village hall

11.30pm - 12.25pm

Great Sutton Shops 2pm - 2.30pm
Little Sutton Naylor Court 2.40pm - 3.20pm

In 2020 week three services will operate weeks commencing 13 January, 3 February, 24 February, 16 March, 6 April, 27 April, 18 May, 8 June, 29 June,20 July, 10 August, 31 August, 21 September, 12 October, 2 November, 23 November, 14 December. The mobile will be off road for servicing on Tuesday 21 July.


Week 1
Van service day No mobile library service


Week 2
Village/route Stopping place Time  
Threapwood Oldcastle Lane 10.30am - 10.50am
Shocklach Bull Inn 11am - 11.30am
Horton Village Green 11.40am - 12.05pm
Tilston Inveresk Road 1.15pm - 2.15pm
Burwardsley Post Office

2.35pm - 2.55pm

Huxley Church Lane, near school 3.10pm - 3.30pm


Week 1 - Wednesday
Village/route Stopping place  Time
Hargrave Church 10am - 10.25am
Rowton Holly Cottage 10.35am - 11.05am
Boughton Kings Lea House 11.20am - 11.45am
Waverton Ringway Road 1pm - 3pm
Christleton Quarry Lane 3.10pm - 4.10pm


Week 1 - Wednesday
Village/route Stopping place  Time   
Lower Whitley Village Hall 10.10am - 10.40am
Acton Bridge Community centre 10.55am - 11.15am
Norley Norley village hall 11.40am - 12.10pm
Kingsley Community centre 12.25pm - 12.50pm
Elton Community centre 2.30pm - 5pm


Week 1 - Wednesday
Village/route Stopping place  Time   
Delamere Park Way Community centre 10.10am - 10.25am
Delamere Eddisbury Hill 10.40am - 11.10am
Utkinton Farm Shop 11.30am - 12.10pm
Willington Layby 12.20pm - 12.50pm
Kelsall Hallows Gate
Community centre
2pm - 2.35pm
2.40pm - 4.15pm 


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